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  • Thomas as Rayman (Thomas and Rayman are both the main stars and the main heroes)
  • Edward as The Magician (Edward and the Magician are both kind and wise)
  • Molly as Betilla the Fairy (Molly and Betilla are both wifes to Edward and The Magician)
  • Duncan as Mozzy (Duncan and Mozzy are both half bad and both half good)
  • Coaches as Electoons
  • Stanley as Tarayzan (Stanley and Tarayzan are both friends to Thomas and Rayman)
  • James as The Musician (James and The Musician are both vain)
  • Duck as Joe (Duck and Joe are both Western)
  • Diesel 10 as Mr. Dark (Diesel 10 is a real villain in Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  • Foolish Freight Cars (from Season 1) as Antitoon
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Moskito (The Spiteful Breakvan and Moskito take a dislike to Thomas and Rayman)
  • Troublesome Trucks as Livingstones and Hunters (The Troublesome Trucks, Livingstones, and Hunters are all Troublesome)
  • Evil Thomas as Dark Rayman (Evil Thomas and Dark Rayman are attempting to chase poor Thomas and Rayman)

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