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  • Bert (from the RWS) as Mordecai
  • Rex (from the RWS) as Rigby
  • Lady as Margaret
  • Mavis as Eileen
  • Mike (from the RWS) as Benson
  • Hiro as Skips
  • Toby as Pops
  • Oliver as Muscle Man
  • Bill as High Five Ghost
  • Diesel as Were Skunk
  • Diesel 10 as Destroyer of Worlds
  • Old Stuck Up as the Evil British Taxi
  • Murdoch as Mr. Maellerd
  • Henry as Don
  • Spencer as Doug
  • Bulstrode as Moon Monster
  • Duncan as Jimmy (Boy)
  • Ben as Low Five Ghost
  • Trevor as High Five Ghosts Father
  • The Tugs Characters (from Tugs) as The Unicorns
  • D261 as G.B.F
  • Daisy as Susan
  • Troublesome Trucks as Hot Dogs
  • Gordon as Death
  • BoCo as Gary
  • Skarloey, Rhenaes, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, and Rusty as Gaurdians of Eternal Youth
  • Donald and Douglas as Astronauts
  • Whiff as Jimmy (Scientist)
  • Cranky as Dr. Asinovskovich
  • James as Jimmy (Worker)
  • The Chinese Dragon as Jinx Monster
  • Bulgy as Body Builer
  • Elizabeth as Starla
  • George as Peeps
  • D199 as Party Pete
  • Pip (from the RWS) as Chrissie
  • Emma (from the RWS) as Janet
  • Splatter as Iacedrom
  • Dodge as Igbir
  • The Candy People (from Adventure Time) as People
  • Shadow (from Sonic) as The Urge
  • Hercules (from TUGS) as John
  • Swatbots (from Sonic) as S.W.A.T Team
  • Thomas and Percy as Kids
  • Sixteen as The Hammer
  • Bash as Jeremy
  • Dash as Chad
  • Other Engines as The Blonds
  • Ring Ring (from Pucca) as C.J.
  • Evil Rex as Evil Rigby
  • Derek as Movie Shack Hut Employee (from Brain Eraser)
  • Smudger as Thomas (Death's Son)
  • Arry and Bert as Fiburt and Mulligan
  • The Trampsteamer as Grease Monster
  • Duck as Wing Kingdom Waiter
  • Burke and Blair (from Tugs) as The Coffee Bean and The Translator
  • Zack (from Tugs) as Klorgbane
  • Sharptooth (from The Land Before Time) as Giant Warlock
  • Zorran (from Tugs) as Halloween Wizard
  • Scruffey as The Soul Sucking Death Worm
  • Bunnie Rabbot (from Sonic) as Audrey
  • Bertie, Max and Monty,The Spiteful Brakevan, and Alfie as Phone Gaurdians
  • Hologram Bert as Hologram Mordecai
  • Hologram Rex as Hologram Rigby
  • Coaches as Dizzy Zombies
  • Bear (from the Rws) as Naked Pops Memory
  • Den as A.J. Maldonaldo
  • Dart as Grill Em Up Truck Employee
  • Salty as Motorcycle Guy
  • Paxton and Norman as Cart Dealership Mechanicals
  • Mallard (from the RWS) as No Rules Guy
  • Belle as Death's Wife

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