• Duck as Mordecai
  • Peter Sam as Rigby
  • Mavis as Margaret
  • James as Benson
  • Henry as Muscle Man
  • Harold as High Five Ghost
  • Thomas as Pops
  • Percy as Skips
  • Duncan as Doug
  • Edward as Don
  • Madge as Eileen
  • Duke as Mr. Maellerd
  • Diesal as G.B.F
  • Hector as Ello Govnor'
  • Gorden as John (Johns voice suites gorden)
  • Skarloey,Sir Handel,Toad,Murdoch,Toby,Dart,Paxton,Whiff,Stanley,Charlie, and BoCo as The Unicorns
  • Spencer as Low Five Ghost
  • Kevin as Techmo
  • Victor as Gary
  • The Trucks as Hot Dogs
  • The Horried Lorries as Gaurdians of Eternal Youth
  • Molly as Audrey
  • Daisy as Susan
  • Diesal 10 as Destroyer of Worlds
  • The Chinese Dragon as Jinx Monster
  • Dodge as Iacedrom
  • Splatter as Ygbir (Igbir)
  • Elizabeth as Starla
  • Billy as The Giant Coffee Bean
  • Butch as The Translator
  • Alfie as Rigbys Bodieless Consiesness
  • George as Body Builder
  • Smudger as Death
  • Derek as Movie Shack Hut Employee (from Brain Eraser)
  • Dennis as High Five Ghosts Father
  • Oliver as Jimmy (from Rage Against the Tv)
  • Donald and Douglas as The Astronauts
  • D261 as The Hammer
  • Bill and Ben as Two Kids
  • Bash and Dash as Computer Employees
  • Spamcam as The Night Owl
  • The Trampsteamer as Grease Monster
  • Arry and Bert as Fiburt and Mulligan
  • Neil as Young Mordecai
  • Trevor as Young Rigby

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