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James as Mordecai

Mavis as Margaret

Duncan as Rigby

Henry as Benson

Gorden as Skips

Percy as Pops

Billy as Muscle Man

Duck as High Five Ghost

Boco as Doug

Edward as Don

Rosie as Eileen

Donald and Douglas as The Astronuts

Diesel as Were Skunk

Spencer as G.B.F.

Thomas and Percy as The Two Kids

D261,Bill,Ben,Spamcam as The Gaurdians of Eternal Youth

The Narrow Gauge Engines as The Unicorns

Elizabeth as Starla

Daisy as Susan

George as BodyBuilder

Oliver as Jimmy(worker)

Diesel 10 as The British Taxi

The Trucks as Evil Hot Dogs

Bulgy as Peeps

Sir Topham Hatt as Mr. Maellerd

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