Oliver as Mordecai

Duck as Rigby

Emily as Margaret

Gordon as Skips

James as Benson

Henry as Pops

Thomas as Muscle Man

Percy as High Five Ghost

Diesel as Evil British Taxi

Troublesome Trusks as Evil Hot Dogs

Stanley as Don

Rusty as Doug

Edward as Jimmy

Rosie as Eilieen

Spencer as G.B.F

Diesel 10 as Destroyer of Worlds

Duncan as Gary

Spattler as Lacedom

Dodge as Ygbir

Daisy as Susan

Boco as Mr.Mallerd

Stephny as Low Five Ghost

Elizabeth as Starla

The Horried Lorres as Gaurdians of Eternal Youth

Bill and Ben as 2 Kids

Molly as Audrey

Smudger as Death

Dart and Den as The Astronauts

Skarloey Rheneas Sir Handel and Peter Sam as Baby Ducks

Bulgy S.C. Ruffey The Spitful Brakevan Jack and Alfie as Phone Gaurdians

Spamcan as Peeps

Arry and Bert as Computer Employee's

Bertie as Rigby's Bodiless Counieness

D261 as Warlock

Chiense Dragon as Death Bear

Harold as The Ranger

Dennis as Thomas

Toad as RGB2

Billy as Quips

Neville as Ace Bathlizar

Victor as Uncle Steve

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