Diesel as Billy Blazes

Isobella as Wendy Waters

Henry as Jake Justice

Terence as Rocky Canyon

Elizabeth as Ariel Flyer

Diesel 10 as Jack Hammer

Gordon as Gil Gripper

Tiger Moth as Al Pine

Lorry 2 as Bob Sled

Lorry 3 as Brandon Irons

Lorry 1 as Bob Buoy

Bulgy as Willy Stop

Butch as Sergeant Siren

Cranky as Roger Houston

Colin as Rip Rockefeller

Duncan as Aidan Assist

Rusty as Captain Cuffs

Victor as Cliff Hanger

Kevin as Hal E. Copter

Spencer as Kenny Ride

Murdoch as Matt Medic

Arthur as Maureen Biologist

Fergus as Pat Pending

Rocky as Perry Chute

Neville as Rock Miner

Dennis as Sandy Beach

Arry/Bert as Sam Sparks

Oliver as Warren Waters

Thomas as Buster

Percy as Comet

Edward as Mako

James as Nemo

Toby as Radar

Bertram as Smokey

Duck as Swoops

Skarloey as Claude

Rheneas as Wind Chill

Bulstrode as Police Motorcycle

Freight Cars as Police Car

Troublesame Trucks as The Truck

Hector as Car

Captain as Mail Truck

Flynn as Helicopter

Donald/Douglas as Bill Barker

Splatter/Dodge as Boy

Duke as Robot

Derek as Fire Man

The Blue Trucks as Fire Truck

Sodor Airport Planes as Space

The Chinese Dragon as Rock

The Flying Kipper as Plane

S.C.Ruffey as Boat

The Spiteful Breakvan as Train

Toad as Bridge

Bill/Ben as Fire

D261 as Mountain

Plane as Snow

Fire Engine as Watch Tv

Fire Truck as Crash

Rosie as Watch

Fire Man as Paris

Fire Fighter as Space Plane

Fire Engine as Earth

Fire Water as Computer

Charlie as El Nino

The Flood as Engine

Flood as Train Tracks

Water as Movie Theater

The Water as Coaches

The Waterfall as Write

Waterfall as The Write

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