Thomas as Poli

Hiro as Roy

Emily as Amber

Percy as Helly

Lady Hatt as Jin

Bill as Doug

Ben as Kevin

Edward as Dumpy

Gordon as Leky

James as Lety

Henry as Lefy

Belle as Stacey

The Fat Controller as Mr. Builder

Philip as Cap

Stephen as Andy

Bridget as Mary

Toby as SchoolB

Donald as Bruner

Douglas as Poke

Captain as Marine

Buster as Max

Duck as Mr. Wheeler

Stephen as Mr. Musty

Rosie as Mini

Diesel as Rody

Toad as Beny

Stepney as Spooky

Daisy as See-See

Peter Sam as Cleany

Patrick as Mickey

Butch as Terry

Bertie as Mr. Whooper

Monty as Titan

Ryan as Posty

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