• Thomas as Otto
  • Emily as Reggie
  • James as Twister
  • Percy as Sam
  • Diesel as Lars
  • Arry as Pi
  • Bert as Sputzi
  • Henry as Ray
  • Edward as Tito
  • Duck as Oliver
  • Mavis as Mackenzie
  • Duncan As Eddie
  • Belle as Mrs.Rodriguez
  • Whiff as Mr. Rodriguez
  • Madge as Mrs. Dullard
  • Hank as Mr.Dullard
  • Gordon as Mr.Simpleton
  • Molly as Mrs.Simpleton
  • Toby as Conroy
  • Rosie as Trish
  • Flora As Sherri
  • Elizabeth As Officer Sheerly
  • Ferdinard as Trent
  • BoCo as Ryan
  • Lady as Leilani
  • Oliver as Keoni
  • Caroline as Mrs Makani
  • Daisy As Clio
  • Old Slow Coach as Mrs Rocket
  • Neville as Tony
  • Stepney as Scotty

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