Thomas as Dragon Kite

Bulgy as Oxy-Acetylene Welding

James as Scissors

The Red Engine as Scissors Tongs

Edward as Shepherd/Dragon-Man

City of Truro as Flags/Entertainment

The Chinese Dragon as Sousaphone

Mavis as Standpipe/Pumping Tap

Daisy as Fire Extinguisher

Henrietta as Extinguisher Dial

D261 as Steam Iron

Rusty as Pencil

BoCo as Pedal Bin

Toby as Electric Fan

Bertie as Curly Light/Torch on Pole

Diesel as Spray Can

Spencer as Sport Screen

Percy as Stapler

Charlie as Computer Mouse

Diesel 10 as Shower Head

Henry as Magic Top Hat

Gordon as Lawnmower

Oliver as Loadspeaker

Stepney as Egg

Duncan as Vacuum Cleaner/Hoover

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