Version 1

  • Thomas as SMG4 (Both are the main stars, they are also blue)
  • James as Mario (James and Mario are both red and Vain)
  • Henry as Luigi
  • Duncan as Pingas Train
  • BoCo as Yoshi
  • Oliver as Wario
  • Percy as Toad
  • Skarloey as Mario Head
  • Diesel 10 as Bowser
  • Molly as Peach
  • Billy as Oscarm00
  • Rheneas as Kirby
  • Sir Handel as Goomba
  • Duck as Fishy Bopkins
  • Neville as Megaman765
  • Diesel as Ben
  • Gordon as X (aka Nintendofan997)
  • Stepney as FM
  • Spencer as The Teletubmarine
  • Bertram as The Train (From Toadsworth's how to princess)
  • Smudger as SMG3
  • Arthur as Starman3
  • D199 (From the RWS) as SMG1
  • Stanley as Steve
  • Toby as Enzo
  • Edward as Geofcraze634
  • Billy as Bob

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