• Thomas as Frank
  • Percy as Barry
  • Diesel as Douche
  • Edward as Carl
  • Duck as Bagel
  • James as Vash
  • Gordon as Firewater
  • Henry as Grits
  • Donald/Douglas as Twinkie
  • Bertie as Potato
  • Harold as Honey Mustard
  • Bill/Ben as Toast
  • Lady as Taco
  • Emily as Brenda
  • Caroline, Annie, Clarabel and Toad as Baby Carrots
  • Trucks as Gumballs
  • Toby as Gum
  • Oliver as Pizza
  • Stepney as Paper Towel
  • Hiro as Meatloaf
  • Derek as Tomato
  • Billy as Troy
  • Diesel 10 as Darren
  • Mavis as Sally
  • Coaches as Potato Chips
  • Narrow Gauge Engines as Pislitz Chips
  • Daisy as Woman (aka Skank the Red Hair Thin Woman)
  • Elizabeth and Judge Judy as Female Shoppers
  • Terence as Pop Tarts
  • Trevor as Coconuts Milk
  • D261 as Man (aka Drug)
  • George as Big Man (aka Fit Man)
  • Boco as Ketchup
  • Hector as Hitler
  • Molly as MILF (aka Camile)
  • Scruffy as Druggie
  • Jeremy as Twizzler
  • Victoria/Helena as Cookies
  • Cranky as Fat Man (aka Fat Guy)
  • Tiger Mont as Pop Bottle
  • More Coming Soon

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