• Max/Monty as Cranky Bugs
  • Ned/Nelson as Horrid Lorry
  • Salty as A Better View For Gordon
  • Harvey as Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
  • Derek as James and the Trouble with Trees
  • Duck as Gordon and the Gremlin
  • D261 as Bye George!
  • Duncan as Baa!
  • Thomas as Put Upon Percy
  • Arry/Bert as Toby and the Flood
  • Duck as Haunted Henry
  • Emily as Double Teething Troubles
  • Molly as Stepney Gets Lost
  • Gordon as Toby's Discovery
  • Henry as Something in the Air
  • Flora as Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach
  • James as Thomas and the Rumours
  • BoCo as Oliver's Find
  • Bulgy as Happy Ever After
  • George as Sir Topham Hatt's Hoilday
  • Belle as A Surprise for Percy
  • Murdoch as Make Someone Happy
  • BoCo as Busy Going Backwards
  • Spencer as Duncan Gets Spooked
  • Stepney as Snow
  • Bill/Ben as Rusty and the Boulder

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