Thomas/Sergeant Stripes is a parody with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends footage and Sergeant Stripes audio.


Version 1

  • Thomas as Sergeant Stripes (Both the main characters)
  • Emily as Katie (Katie's voice suits Emily)
  • Edward as PC Harker (PC Harker's voice suits Edward)
  • Molly as Sergeant Parker (Sergeant Parker's voice suits Molly)
  • Rosie as Fluffy Mouse (Both Pink)
  • Lady as Arabella the Giraffe (Arabella's voice suits Lady)
  • Gordon as Inspector Hector (Inspector Hector's voice suits Gordon)
  • Toby as Mr. Peppermint (Toby and Mr. Peppermint are both kind)
  • Flora as Mrs. Peppermint (Flora and Mrs. Peppermint are both kind, just like Toby and Mr. Peppermint)
  • Henry as Mr. Draper (Mr. Draper's voice suits Henry)
  • Madge as Mrs. Draper (Mrs. Draper's voice suits Madge)
  • Duck as Mr. Pearson (Mr. Pearson's voice suits Duck)
  • Percy as Pip Pig (Percy and Pip Pig are both small)
  • Mavis and Oliver as The Little Ferret Children (I think the voices of the little Ferret Children suit Mavis and Oliver)
  • Boco as Fire Chief Ash (Fire Chief Ash's voice suits Boco)
  • Isobella as Susie Sycamore (Susie Sycamore's voice suits Isobella)
  • Diesel as The Imposter (from Seeing Double)
  • Spencer as Ronnie Rabbit (Spencer is a villain in HOTR)
  • Bertie as Police Car Andy
  • Harold as Mike the Bike
  • Footage: Hit Entertainment
  • Audio: An Ealing Animation and A Works TV production

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