• Thomas as Shaun
  • James as Bitzer
  • Percy as Timmy
  • Toby as The Farmer
  • Flora as The Farmer's Girlfriend
  • Rosie as The Farmer's Niece
  • Gordon as Shirley
  • Mavis as Timmy's Mother
  • Duck as Nuts
  • Molly as Hazel
  • Donald and Douglas as The Twins
  • Emily as Lola
  • Harold as The Cockerel
  • Henry as Mower Mouth
  • Hector as The Bull
  • Horrid Lorries as The Naughty Pigs
  • Edward as The Pizza Delivery Boy
  • Caroline as Slip
  • Stepney as The Duck
  • Billy as The Mouse
  • Dennis as The Frog
  • Diesel as Pidsley
  • Arry as Fernando
  • Bert as Hector
  • George as Raul
  • D261 as The Fox
  • Diesel 10 as Trumper

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