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Casts for Each Parody aren't always the same but some are mostly used like Thomas as Mr. Conductor, Emily as Stacy Jones and James as Schemer. Here's a List.


  • Mr. Conductor (RS) - Thomas/Edward/Stanley/Toby/Oliver/City of Truro/Duck/BoCo/Skarloey/Gordon/Wilbert/Dennis/Hank/Neville/Murdoch/Hiro/Victor/Henry/Percy/Fergus/Connor/Duncan/Porter/Gator/Timothy (Diesel can't be RS Mr. Conductor; Diesel is an antagonist and RS Mr. Conductor is a protagonist)
  • Mr. Conductor (GC) - Percy/Duck/Stanley/Thomas/Gordon/Wilbert/City of Truro/Toby/Rheneas/Henry/Bertie/Oliver/Hiro/Hank/BoCo/Billy/Charlie/Fergus/Duncan/Luke/Connor/Timothy/Scruff/Victor (Bulgy can't be GC Mr. Conductor; Bulgy is an antagonist and GC Mr. Conductor is a protagonist)
  • Stacy Jones - Emily/Molly/Belle/Elizabeth/Mavis/Duchess of Hamliton/Rosie/Flora/Daisy/Lady/Isobella/Madge/Pip/Emma (Thomas can't be Stacy; Thomas is male and Stacy is female)
  • Schemer - James/Gordon/Spencer/Mallard/Duncan/Henry/Sir Handel/Dennis/Patrick/Samson (Diesel can't be Schemer; Diesel is an antagoinst and Schemer is a protagoinst) (Edward and Percy also can't be Schemer; Edward and Percy is kind and Schemer is vain) (Just stick with James as Schemer in Thomas/Shining Time Station! Not Gordon or anyone else! Just James!)
  • Tanya - Rosie/Emily/Mavis/Flora/Molly/Lady/Daisy
  • Matt - Toby/Percy/Billy/Charlie/Bill/Ben/Stanley/Bertie/Rheneas/Peter Sam/Duck/Oliver/Freddie/James/Thomas/Skarloey/Duncan/Sir Handel
  • Harry Cupper - Henry/Gator/Porter/Duke/BoCo/Toby/Gordon/Murdoch/Whiff/Edward/Hiro/Flying Scotsman/Derek/City of Truro/Rusty/Stephen/James/OJ (from TUGS)
  • Billy Twofeathers - Gordon/Henry/Edward/Duck/Oliver/Murdoch/BoCo/James/Toby/Hank/Hiro/Green Arrow/Dennis/Harvey/City of Truro/Donald/Douglas/Thomas/Ferdinand/Flying Scotsman/Victor/Sir Handel/Peter Sam/Salty/Duke/Big Mac (from TUGS) (Spencer can't be Billy Twofeathers; Spencer is a antagonist and Billy Twofeathers is a protagonist)
  • Dan - Duck/Percy/Peter Sam/Oliver/Henry/Whiff/Rusty/Stanley/Bill/Ben/Stepney/Thomas/James/Skarloey/Rheneas/Sir Handel/Duncan/Luke
  • Becky - Molly/Rosie/Flora/Heneritta/Lady/Mavis/Emily/Daisy/Elizabeth/Isobella/Caroline/Belle
  • Kara - Mavis/Rosie/Daisy/Molly/Lady/Caroline/Emily/Flora/Belle
  • JB King - Sir Topham Hatt/Mr. Percival/Thomas/Murdoch/Gordon/Edward/Duke/Hank/Henry/Oliver/Duck (Spencer can't be JB King; Spencer is an antagonist and JB is a protagonist)
  • Tito Swing - Jack/Boco/James/Freddie/Stanley/Henry/Ferdinand/Salty/Whiff/Murdoch/Gordon/Edward/Thomas/Toby
  • DiDi - Isobella/Daisy/Rosie/Emily
  • Grace - Miss Jenny/Flora/Old Slow Coach/Lady/Molly/Emily
  • Tex - Max/Monty/Gordon/Henry/Donald/Douglas/Bill/Ben/BoCo/Murdoch/Skarloey/Rheneas/Sir Handel/Peter Sam/Bash/Dash/Duck/Percy/Mighty/Mac
  • Rex - Monty/Max/Henry/Gordon/Douglas/Donald/Ben/Bill/Murdoch/BoCo/Rheneas/Skarloey/Peter Sam/Sir Handel/Dash/Bash/Percy/Duck/Mac/Mighty
  • JJ Silvers- Byron/Connor/Gordon/Toby/Duke/Henry/Thomas/Sir Topham Hatt
  • Midge Smoot - Elizabeth/Daisy/Isobella
  • Mayor Flopdinger - Hector/Cranky/Harold/Gordon/Henry/Sir Topham Hatt/BoCo/Salty/Edward/Hiro/Murdoch/Hank/Jeremy/Captain/Victor/Duck/Oliver/Donald/Douglas (Spencer can't be Mayor Flopdinger; Spencer is an antagonist and Mayor Flopdinger is a protagoinst)
  • Ginny - Madge/Flora/Mrs. Kyndley/Elizabeth
  • Vickie - Daisy/Elizabeth/Annie/Clarabel
  • Schemee - Duncan/Bill/Ben/Sir Handel/Spencer
  • Buster the Bully - George/Diesel/Spencer/Bulgy/Arry/Bert/Hector/Duncan/Diesel 10/Smudger/Max/Monty/Sixteen/Bulstrode/The Spiteful Brakevan (James can't be Buster, James is vain, Buster is a bully)
  • Evil Worker 1 - Splatter/Dodge/Bulgy/George/Scruffey/Smudger/Diesel/Den/Dart/Max/Monty/Norman/Paxton/Sidney/The Spiteful Brakevan
  • Evil Worker 2 - Dodge/Splatter/Diesel 10/Spencer/Hector/George/Arry/Bert/Dart/Den/Monty/Max/Paxton/Sidney/Norman/The Spiteful Breakvan
  • Felix - Bertie/Rheneas/Skarloey/Donald/Douglas/Dennis/BoCo/Sir Handel
  • Barton Winslow - Murdoch/James/Gordon/Henry/Edward/Hank/Hiro/Boco/Duck/City of Truro/Peter Sam
  • Mr. Nicholas - Edward/Toby/Sir Handel/Freddie/Duke/Sir Topham Hatt/Hiro
  • Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin - Diesel/Diesel 10/George/Bulgy/D261/Sixteen/Spencer/Bulstrode/The Foreign Engine/Smudger/Arry/Bert/The Spiteful Breakvan
  • Tucker - Stanley/Arthur/Boco/Neville/Skarloey/Bertie/James/Flynn
  • Midge Smoot's Granddaughters - Annie and Clarabel/Victoria and Helena/Pip and Emma
  • Hobart Hume - Spencer/Paxton/Norman/Diesel/The Foreign Engine/Mallard/Diesel 10/George/Spamcan/D261/Duncan/Hector/Smudger/Old Stuck-Up/Bulstrode/Bulgy/The Spiteful Brakevan (Gordon and Murdoch can't be Hobart Hume; Gordon and Murdoch are protagonists and Hobart Hume is an antagonist)
  • Edmund - Toby/Edward/Freddie/Sir Handel/Duke/Hiro
  • Rusty - Rusty/Whiff/Donald/Douglas/City of Truro/Scruff/Duncan
  • Prince Michael Mikey - Skarloey/Rheneas/Sir Handel/Stepney
  • The Queen - Lady Hatt/Emily/Duchess of Hamilton/Molly/Madge/Elizabeth
  • Amazo the Great - Stepney/Green Arrow/Henry/Derek/Oliver/Hank/Toby/Harvey
  • Bull - Arry/Bert/Splatter/Dodge/Max/Monty/Den/Dart/Norman/Paxton/Sidney/Bulgy/George/The Spiteful Brakevan/Scruffey
  • Biff - Bert/Arry/Dodge/Splatter/Monty/Max/Dart/Den/Paxton/Sidney/Norman/George/Bulgy/Scruffey/The Spiteful Brakevan
  • Kit - Sir Handel/Duncan/Oliver
  • Max - Duke/Bertrum/Freddie/Hiro/Trevor
  • Ned Kincaid - Trevor/Harvey/Terence
  • Mr. Conductor's Sister - Lady/Emily/Molly/Mavis/Rosie/Flora
  • Schemer's Mother (If Schemer's Mother had appeared in STS episodes) - Old Slow Coach/Flora/Rosie/Emily/Molly/Mavis/Annie/Clarabel/Henrietta/Victoria/Isobella/Elizabeth/Caroline/Madge
  • Robby the Robot - BoCo/Murdoch/Dennis/Henry/Terence/Derek/Toad/Salty
  • Thomas and His Friends - The TUGS & Theodore Tugboat Characters/The Family Guy Characters/The South Park Characters/The Mario Characters/The Sonic Characters/The Garfield Characters/The Disney Characters/The Simpsons Characters/The Noddy's Toyland Adventures Characters/The Transformers Characters/The Barney & Friends Characters/The Video Game Characters/The TV Characters/The Looney Tunes Characters/The Cartoons Characters/The ComiColor Cartoon Characters/The Shining Time Station Characters/The Diesels of Sodor Characters/Themselves/The An American Tail Characters/The Nicky Nome Cartoon Characters/The Disney Villains Characters/The Female Sonic Characters/The Thomas and the Magic Railroad Characters/The Narrow Guage Engines/The Spongebob Characters/The Salty's Lighthouse Characters/The Who Framed Roger Rabbit Characters/The Non-Disney Characters/The Disney Princess Characters/The Thomas Villains Characters/The Lady and the Tramp Characters/The BBC Characters/The Rugrats Characters/The Animaniacs Characters/The Lion King Characters/The Pokemon Characters/The Female Thomas Characters/The Humans of Sodor Characters/The Puppetoon Characters/The Pixar Characters/The Non-Pixar Characters/The Sonic Villains Characters/The Astro Boy Characters/The Van Beuren Studios Cartoon Characters/The Mickey Mouse Characters/The Lady and the Tramp Characters/The Female TUGS Characters/The LEGO Characters/The LEGO Villains Characters/The Female LEGO Characters/The Disney Princess Characters/The Tiny Toon Adventures Characters/The Tiny Toon Adventures Villains Characters/The Female Tiny Toon Adventures Characters/The Naruto Characters/The Naruto Villains Characters/The Female Naruto Characters/The Wacky Races Characters/The Brave Little Toaster Characters/The Looney Tunes Characters/The Kellogg's Characters/The M&Ms Characters/The Death to Smoochy Characters/The Ferry Boat Fred Characters/The Sonic SATAM Characters/The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Characters/The Sonic X Characters/The Sonic Underground Characters/The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Characters/The Female My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Characters/The A Troll in Central Park Characters/The Secret of NIMH Characters/The Don Bluth Characters/The Cats Don't Dance Characters/The Littlest Pet Shop Characters

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