Thomas: Chris

Daisy: Brooke

Duck: Harry

Gordon: Callum

Bertie: TK

Mavis: Sarah/Shannon/Anne

Diesel: Ethan

  • Caroline: Alice

Hector: Kieran

Emily: Yvonne/Toni

Lady: Maia

Rosie: Tania

Molly: Libby

Spencer: Kingi


James: Kip

Old Slow Coach: Tracey/Justine

Percy: Scotty

Annie: Shanti

Duke: Frazer

Clarabel: Debra

Stepney: Gerald

Toby: Hunter

Madge: Sophie

Flora: Morgan/Tuesday

BoCo: Luke

Henry: Craig

Hank: Xaiver

Whiff: Michael

Edward: Angus

Oliver: Nate

Terence: Tane

Bertie: Wiremu

Henrietta: Carol/Flora Morton


Diesel 10: Joey

  • Henderson

Patrick:John (Leader of Scott Spear)

Max and Monty: Scott Spear henchnmen Stanley

  • Trent

Elizabeth: Cindy Skarloey: jay-jay Harvey: Dr Ropata Bulstrode: Guy Warner Refreshment lady: Fran Piper Bulgy: Ethans Assisant Smudger: Leo Arthur: Tama George: Whetu Sir Handel: Victor Johnny Cuba from TUGS: Don Lennox

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