• Thomas as Bill
  • Gordon as Aldo
  • Skarloey as Ed
  • Sir Handel as Ollie
  • Peter Sam as Waddle
  • Emily as Bev
  • Troublesome Trucks as Alligators
  • Edward as Cecil
  • Molly as Claire
  • Emily as Bev
  • Daisy as Drill Seargent Duck
  • Duncan as Raoul
  • Rheneas, Rusty, and Freddie as Raoul's Friends
  • Toad as Jerry
  • Toby as Artie
  • Bill/Ben as Andy
  • Diesel as Arnold
  • Spencer as Concel Snappy
  • Henry as Fred the Penguin
  • Rosie as The Little Chicken
  • Lady as Gelatta
  • Arry as Abner the Gator
  • Bert as Augie the Gator
  • James as Steve the Frog (An OC made by Elijah Eubank)
  • The Ghost Engine as Quack the Ripper
  • Duke as The Jolly Llama
  • The Alien Engine as Zug

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