The parodies aren't just the same, but most are like Thomas is Skipper, Percy is Skeeto. Here is a list Please do not edit, change the cast, or delete, but you are welcome to add if you like, but if you are not allowed to add, that's fine with me, so please do not edit, change the cast, or delete, okay?


Skipper - Thomas/Edward/Henry/Arthur/Duck/Oliver/James/Gordon/Toby/Donald/Douglas/Stepney/Percy/Casey Jr/Skarloey/Rheneas/Sir Handel/Peter Sam/Rusty/Duncan/Freddie/Billy/Salty/Hector/Johnny/Montana/Toots/Tootle/ Bill/Ben/Alfred/BoCo/Stan Marsh (from South Park)

Skeeto - Toby/Duck/Percy/Whiff/Toad/Thomas/Edward/Gordon/Henry/James/Donald/Douglas/Oliver/Stepney/Whiff/Skarloey/Rheneas/Sir Handel/Peter Sam/Rusty/Duncan/Freddie/Salty/Billy/Hector/Johnny/Montana/Toots/Tootle/Ivor/Pete/Bill /Ben/Alfred/BoCo/Kyle (from South Park)

Mevin Duck - Edward/Thomas/Duck/Henry/Gordon/James/Percy/Casey Jr/Johnny/Montana/Toots/Tootle/Pete/Oliver/Donald/Douglas/Bill/Ben/Salty/Billy/Alfred/Ivor/BoCo/Randy Marsh(from South Park)

Fungy Frog - Percy/Duck/Oliver/Peter Sam/Henry/Thomas/Gordon/Edward/James/Bill/Ben/Donald/Douglas/Toby/Bill/Ben/Whiff/Casey Jr/Toots/Tootle/Johnny/Montana/Pete/Hector/Salty/Ivor/BoCo/Kenny(from South Park)

Ruben Rabbit - Duck/Stepney/Toby/Rusty/Terence/Bertie/James/Thomas/Edward/Tootle/Casey Jr/Henry/Pete/Alfred /Johnny/Toots/Pete/Montana/Hector/Salty/Percy/Gordon/Henry/Donald/Douglas/Bill/Ben/Whiff/Donald/Douglas/Pete/BoCo

Owen Olw - Gordon/Edward/Duck/Oliver/Boco/Toby/Tootle/Toots/Thomas/Casey Jr/Edward/Gordon/Henry/James/Percy/Johnny/Alfred/Pete/Bill/Ben/Donald/Douglas

Molly Mouse - Mavis/Daisy/Emily/Rosie/Molly/Tillie/Belle/Lady/Flora/Annie/Clarabell/Henrieatta (James, Gordon, Duck, Stepney, Thomas, Edward, BoCo, Henry can't play Molly Mouse because They are male and Molly Mouse is female)

Lizzie Bee - Mavis/Rosie/Sally Seaplane (from TUGS)/Lillie Lightship (from TUGS)/Emily/Molly/Belle/Tillie/Lady

Conrad Cat - Deisel/Smudger/Max/Monty/Spencer/Deisel 10/Arry/Bert/Zorran (from TUGS)/George/Bluenose (from TUGS)Eric Cartman (from South Park) (James can't be Conrad Cat because James is vain and Conrad Cat is mean) (Thomas can't be Conrad Cat either because Thomas is good and Conrad Cat is mean, Salty can't be Conrad Cat too because Salty tells stories and Conrad Cat is mean)

Ricky Tricky - Arry/Bert/Max/Monty/Deisel/Smudger/Spencer/Deisel10/George/Bluenose (from TUGS)/Zorran (from TUGS)Eric Cartman(from South Park)(Henry can't be Ricky Tricky because Henry is good and Ricky Tricky is mean)

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