1. Thomas as Earth
  2. Percy as Moon
  3. James as Mars
  4. Duck as Mercury
  5. Emily as Girl Planet
  6. Skarloey as Pluto
  7. Edward as Venus
  8. Gordon as Jupiter
  9. Henry as Saturn
  10. Toby as Uranus
  11. Oliver as Neptune
  12. Diesel as Alien Planet
  13. Donald/Douglas as Mr. Rockets
  14. Fat Controller as Sun
  15. Stanley as Ball
  16. Diesel 10 as Spaceship
  17. Spencer as Alien
  18. Trucks as Meteors
  19. Bulgy as Asstroyd
  20. Stepney as Comet
  21. Sir Handel as Asstrounut
  22. Mavis as Lady Rock

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