Thomas/Sonic/Lady and the Tramp is a three combine parody made by DogWoman35.


Version 1 (made by DogWoman35)

  • Thomas as Sonic as Scamp
  • Gordon as Knuckles as Tramp
  • Emily as Sally as Lady
  • James as Antoine as Mooch
  • Percy as Tails as Junior
  • Henry as Espio as Tony
  • Bertie as Robotnik Jr. as Joe
  • Bill as Scratch as Si
  • Ben as Grounder as Am
  • Donald/Douglas as Big Grzz/Mike as Jock
  • Edward as Shadow as Beaver
  • Toby as Uncle Chuck as Trusty
  • Duck as Rotor as Francis
  • BoCo as Ari as Boris
  • Lady as Amy as Angel
  • Diesel 10 as Dr. Julian Dogcatcher
  • Daisy as Rouge as Daisy
  • Diesel as Snivler as Buster
  • and more

Version 2 (made by BrittalCroftFan, smurf3126 and BassRockz)

  • Percy as Tails as Scamp
  • Thomas as Sonic as Tramp
  • Emily as Sally as Lady
  • Gordon as Espio as Tony
  • James as Antoine as Joe
  • Duck as Rotor as Junior
  • More Coming Soon :)

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