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  • Boco as Sonic
  • Hector as Shadow
  • Henry as Espio
  • Gordon as Knuckles
  • James as Antoine
  • Thomas as Tails
  • Toby as Uncle Chuck
  • Duck as Rotor
  • Donald as Big Grizz
  • Douglas as Big Mike
  • Stepney as Lucas
  • Diesel 10 as Dr. Robotnik (AoSTH)/Dr. Eggman
  • Diesel as Dr. Robotnik (SatAM/SU)
  • Bulgy as Snively
  • Splattler as Scratch
  • Dodge as Grounder
  • Daisy as Sally
  • Lady as Bunnie
  • Rosie as Amy
  • Mavis as Cream
  • Daisy as Breezie
  • Bertie as Robotnik Jr.
  • Toad as Cheese
  • Arry as Bocoe
  • Bert as Decoe
  • Max as Sleet
  • Monty as Dingo
  • Wilbert as Rocket the Sloth
  • Billy as Griff
  • Whiff as Manic
  • Elizabeth as Rouge
  • George as Coconuts
  • Harold as Dulcy
  • Edward as Ari
  • Murdoch as Hawk
  • Percy as Sonic Jr.
  • Emily as Sarah
  • Sir Handel as Timothy
  • Peter Sam as Chris
  • Rusty as Lupe
  • Duncan as Mr. Tanaka
  • Duke as Chuck Thorndyke
  • Derek as Emerl
  • Spencer as Sam Speed
  • Arthur as Wes Weaselly
  • Fergus as Chip
  • Salty as Captain Rescue
  • Harvey as Big
  • Neville as Mighty
  • Dennis as Hacker
  • Hector as Vector
  • Cranky as Sergant Doberman
  • Stanley as Silver
  • Hank as McMole
  • Flora as Cosmo
  • Hiro as Daukin
  • Victor as The Station Square President
  • Charlie as the Boy from AOSTH Christmas Blast
  • Old Slowcoach as Blaze
  • S.C. Ruffey as Quark
  • Annie and Clarabel as Lily and her sister
  • Rocky as Tikal's Dad
  • The Troublesome Trucks as Various Robots
  • Henrietta as Marine
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Metal Sonic
  • Smudger as Bokun
  • Proteus as Omega
  • Terence as Charmy
  • Elizabeth as Lindsey
  • Jack as Gamma
  • Alfie as Lilly's Brother
  • Oliver (Pack) as Easy Eddie
  • Max as Jet
  • Monty as Storm
  • Kelly as Danny
  • Byron as Torch
  • Ned as Wallace T. Ditso
  • Isabella as Frances
  • Patrick as Woodgang
  • Buster as Sketch Lampoon
  • Nelson as Nelson
  • Trevor as Robot
  • Bulstrode as Warpnik
  • Jeremy as Ray
  • D261 as Professor Gerald Robotnik
  • Caroline as Tikal
  • Madge as Sonia
  • Colin as Alfred Buster
  • Kevin as Hobodyke
  • The Fat Controller as Sally's Dad
  • Lady Hatt as Scarlet Garcia
  • The Thin Controller as Mr. Steward
  • Miss Jenny as Vanilla
  • Mrs. Kydnley as Rosie the Nanny
  • Stephen and Bridget as The Cat Kids from The Robot's Robot
  • TFC's Mother as Ella
  • Nancy as Sara
  • Alice as Helen
  • The Barber as Jerome Wise
  • Alicia Botti as Queen Alena
  • Freddie as Professor Von Schlemmer
  • Mighty as Heavy
  • Mac as Bomb
  • Lorry 1 as Delta
  • Lorry 2 as Beta
  • Lorry 3 as Epilson
  • Butch as The Excavator Driver
  • Wilbert as Norman
  • Sixteen as Dofus
  • Ivo Hugh as Lucky
  • Neil as Gardon
  • Flying Scotsman as Zonchen
  • Spamcan as Captain Whisker
  • Bear as Chocola
  • Old-Stuck-Up as Bark the Polar Bear
  • Rex as Setter
  • Mike as Kylok
  • Bert as Professor Pickle
  • Frank as The GUN Commandor
  • Jock as Froggy
  • Godred as Missile Wrist
  • Culdee as Professor Pickle's Assitant
  • Lord Harry as Phi
  • Isabel as Lucinda
  • Catherine as Dulcy's mom

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