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  • Thomas as Sonic (Thomas and Sonic are both blue and they're main heros)
  • Percy as Tails (Percy and Tails are both youngest)
  • James as Antione (James and Antione are both vain)
  • Duck as Rotor (Rotor's voice suits Duck)
  • Emily as Princess Sally (Princess Sally's voice suits Emily)
  • Molly as Bunnie Rabbot (Molly and Bunnie Rabbot are both kind)
  • Edward as Uncle Chuck (Edward and Uncle Chuck are both blue and they're both kind)
  • Gordon as Knuckles
  • Rosie as Amy Rose
  • Lady as Cream
  • Mighty Mac as Pollo and Drik
  • Georgia (from The Little Engine That Could) as Rosie
  • Terence as Griff
  • Diesel as Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman (The Robotnik in AOSTH and Sonic X and The Robotnik in SATAM and SU are not different people, they're the same)
  • Bulgy as Snivley
  • S.C.Ruffey as Cluck
  • Max and Monty as Scratch and Grounder
  • George as Coconuts
  • Judge Judy (A Fan-Made Character) as Mama Robotnik
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Bokun
  • Bill as Jet
  • Ben as Storm
  • Farnsworth (from The Little Engine That Could) as Heavy
  • Pete (from The Little Engine That Could) as Bomb
  • Maddie (A Fan-Made Character) as Dulcy
  • The Flying Scottsman (from The Railway Series) as Ari
  • Murdoch as King Acorn
  • Smudger as Ixis Naugus (Smudger and Ixis Naugus are both evil and naughty)
  • Bertram as Omega
  • Tillie (from The Little Engine That Could) as Catty Carlisle
  • Stepney as Lucas
  • Donald and Douglas as Big Grizz and Big Mike
  • Harvey as Rocket
  • Toby as Captain Rescue
  • Daisy as Breezy
  • Hector as Robotnik Jr.
  • Elizabeth as Lupe
  • Nicole as Herself
  • Madge as Sonia
  • Whiff as Manic
  • Splatter and Dodge as Sleet and Dingo
  • Proteus as Cyrus (Cyrus's voice suits Proteus)
  • Jebediah (from The Little Engine That Could) as Bartleby
  • Mavis as Rouge
  • Duncan as Shadow (Duncan and Shadow are both scottish and stubborn)
  • Skarloey as Chris
  • Rheneas as Danny
  • Duke as Chuck Thorndyke
  • Peter Sam as Mr. Tanaka
  • Sir Handel as Mr. Stewart
  • Henrietta as Cheese
  • Chip (from The Little Engine That Could) as Froggy
  • Henry as Big The Cat
  • BoCo as Vector (BoCo and Vector are both green)
  • Oliver as Espio (Espio's voice suits Oliver)
  • Billy as Charmy (Billy and Charmy are both silly)
  • Salty as Hawk
  • Spencer as Sam Speed (Spencer and Sam Speed are both fastet)
  • Diesel 10 as Gerald Robotnik
  • Evil Thomas (A Fan-Made Character) as Metal Sonic
  • Horrid Lorries as The Lava Monsters
  • Sir Topham Hatt as The Station Square President

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