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Version 1 (made by ThomasandTenCents)

  • Thomas as Scratch
  • Percy as Grounder
  • James as Coconuts
  • Edward as Snively
  • Emily as Breezie
  • Henry as Robotnik Jr.
  • Diesel 10 as Knuckles
  • Diesel as Uncle Chuck
  • Gordon as Dr. Robotnik
  • Spencer as Rotor
  • 98462 as Antoine
  • Arry as Sonic
  • Bert as Tails
  • Judge Judy the Diesel as Sally
  • Toby as Sleet
  • Duck as Dingo

Version 2 (made by BiggestThomasFan)

  • Thomas as Dr. Robotnik (AOSTH)/Dr. Eggman
  • Edward as Dr. Robotnik (SatAM/SU)
  • Percy as Svinley
  • Henry as Sam Speed
  • James as Phil
  • Daisy as Sally
  • Diesel and Bulgy as Sonic and Tails
  • Spencer as Rotor (Spencer was a real villain in HOTR)
  • D199 as Antoine
  • Emily as Breezie
  • Diesel 10 as Uncle Chuck
  • Gordon as Professor Gerald Robotnik
  • D261 as Knuckles
  • Donald and Douglas as Scratch and Grounder
  • Duck as Coconuts
  • George as Griff
  • Dyraw Policeman as King Acorn
  • The Stationmaster's wife as Queen Acorn
  • Splatter and Dodge as Mighty and Episo
  • Annie and Clarabel with Henrietta, Old Slow Coach, Toad, Victoria and Helena as The SWATbots
  • Bulstrode as Rocket
  • Stepney as Warpnik
  • Tiger Moth as Manic
  • Horrid Lorries as Captain Rescue, Mr. Tanka and Big
  • Scruffey as Chip
  • The Trucks as Lilly, her Sister, Rosie, Blaze, Cheese, Vanilla and Other Animal
  • Smudger as Lucas
  • Oliver as Ixis Nagus

Version 3 (made by BrittalCroftFan, do not edit, add, or delete!)

  • Edward as Sonic
  • Percy as Tails
  • Toby as Knuckles
  • James as Rotor
  • Duck as Antione
  • Emily as Princess Sally Acorn
  • Bulgy as Dr. Ivo Robotnik/Eggman
  • Diesel 10 as Dr. Julian Robotnik
  • Donald as Scratch
  • Douglas as Grounder
  • Spiteful Brakevan as Snively
  • George as Cocanuts
  • Rosie as Amy Rose
  • Splatter & Dodge as Decoe & Bocoe
  • Gordon as Uncle Chuck
  • Arry as Sleet
  • Bert as Dingo
  • Daisy as Rouge
  • Diesel as Shadow
  • Henry as Espio
  • Lady as Bunnie
  • Thomas as Metal Sonic

Version 4 (made by Skullzproductions) (Please Do Not Edit, Add or Delete!)

  • Thomas as Snively
  • Percy as Coconuts
  • Gordon as Dr. Robotnik/Eggman
  • Henry as Gerald Robotnik
  • Edward as Metal Sonic
  • James as Jet The Hawk
  • Mavis as Wave the Swallow
  • Boco as Storm
  • Murdoch as Captain Whiskers
  • Emily as Rouge
  • Rosie as Breezie
  • Billy as Bean
  • Bill as Scratch
  • Ben as Grounder
  • Donald as Bocoe
  • Douglas as Decoe
  • Diesel as Sonic
  • Bulgy as Tails
  • Diesel 10 as Knuckles
  • Spamcan as Antoine
  • George as Rotor
  • Daisy as Sally Acorn
  • Old Stuck-Up as Uncle Chuck

Version 5 (Made by MilesTailsProwerFan)

  • Thomas as Scratch
  • Percy as Grounder
  • James as Coconuts
  • Gordon as Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman
  • Emily as Breezie
  • Bill as Decoe
  • Ben as Bocoe
  • Edward as Gerald Robotnik
  • Arry as Sonic
  • Bert as Tails
  • D261 as Knuckles
  • Daisy as Sally
  • Diesel 10 as Uncle Chuck
  • Diesel as Vector
  • Bulgy as Espio
  • Duncan as Charmy

Version 6 (made by FirePuppy)

  • Thomas as Dr. Eggman
  • Percy as Snively
  • Gordon as Coconuts
  • Donald as Scratch
  • Douglas as Grounder
  • Emily as Breezie
  • Diesel as Sonic
  • Daisy as Amy Rose
  • Diesel 10 as Knuckles
  • Rosie as Rouge

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