Casts for each parody aren't alway the same. But, some are mostly like Thomas as Sonic and Percy as Tails.

Rule: For this list, only Emily can play Amy. Emily also can't play anybody but Amy. It doesn't matter if Rosie and Amy are both pink or if they are in love with Thomas and Sonic a lot. None of those are excuses anymore, and besides, Amy's voice fits better for Emily than Rosie. For proof, see the Thomas/Sonic page under "FirePuppy's Thoughts".


  • Sonic - Thomas/Edward/Gordon/Percy
  • Tails - Percy/Thomas/James
  • Amy - Emily
  • Knuckles - James/Gordon/Thomas/Edward
  • Cream - Rosie/Lady/Mavis
  • Vanilla - Mavis/Lady
  • Big - Henry/Gordon
  • Cosmo - Lady/Rosie
  • Dr. Eggman - Diesel/Diesel 10
  • Shadow - Edward/James/Diesel
  • Rouge - Daisy/Rosie/Elizabeth/Mavis
  • Bocoe - Arry/Bert/Bill/Ben
  • Decoe - Bert/Arry/Ben/Bill

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