• Emily as Wendy Testaburger
  • Thomas as Stan Marsh
  • James as Kyle Broflovski
  • Diesel as Eric Cartman
  • Percy as Kenny McCormick
  • Henry as Mr. Garrison
  • Gordon as Chef
  • Rouge (from Sonic) as Ms. Ellen

Voice Cast

  • Trey Paker - Thomas, Diesel and Henry
  • Matt Stone - James and Percy
  • Isaac Hayes - Gordon
  • Mary Kay Bergman - Emily
  • Natasha Hendridge - Rouge The Bat


  • Emily: Don't mess with me!
  • Rouge: What?
  • Emily: You heard me, stay away from my engine bat, or I'll kick you bat wings into last year, Bye Miss Rouge The Bat.
  • Emily: Bye, Bye, Miss Rouge The Bat!
  • James: Emily!, You didn't?
  • Emily: I told her, Don't Mess With Emily The Beautiful Emerald Stirling Engine!

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