Thomas/South Park Parodies - Featuring Duck and Edward is a Parody with South Park sounds and Thomas clips.


  • Duck - Stan Marsh
  • Edward - Kyle Bowfikski
  • Old Stuck Up - Eric Cartman (Old Stuck Up and Eric Cartman are both spoiled-brats)
  • Diesel - Kenny McCormick (Diesel and Kenny McCormick are both Best Friends to Old Stuck Up and Eric Cartman)
  • Arry/Bert - Butters Scotch
  • Gordon - Chef
  • Whiff - Mr. Garrison
  • Thomas - Randy Marsh
  • Emily - Sharon Marsh
  • Caroline - Shelly Marsh
  • James - Gerald Broflovski
  • Daisy - Shelia Broflovski
  • Peter Sam - Ike Broflovski
  • Madge - Liane Cartman
  • Harvey - Stuart McCormick
  • Elizabeth - Carol McCormick
  • Molly - Wendy Testaburger
  • Spencer - Scott the Dick
  • and more


  • Duck would be in love with Molly.
  • Edward would be Duck's best friend
  • Old Stuck Up would be fat as he ego
  • Diesel would have lots of acidents

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