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James threatens to fight with Duck, but Duck pushes him into some tar wagons and James cries like a baby.


  • James as Cartman
  • Thomas as Stan
  • Duck as Kyle
  • Percy as Ike (does not speak)
  • Molly as Mrs. Cartman (mentioned)


  • Thomas: What is that?
  • James: It's Christmas. We offically missed it. It's Christmas Day and...I'm in Canada.
  • Duck: Well yeah, but I-I got my brother back.
  • James: Yeah, you got your brother back, but I didn't get any presents! And what did I tell you, Duck? I told you if we didn't make it back in time for Christmas I was gonna push you off the rails, didn't I?
  • Duck: Man, come on.
  • James: Well now you're gonna get it, fussy tank engine! That's right, you and me, right now; we're having it out! Let's go! Come on! Come on! [Duck pushes James into some tar wagons. Tar spills all over him, causing him to enter a daze; he snaps out of it and begins to bawl] Waaaaaahhhh! Waaaaaaahh! Moolllyyy! Moolllyyy!

My Comments

  • ThomasandEmilyLover: LOL, James is a great Cartman.
    • SuperMalechi: Thanks, ThomasandEmilyLover. He always hates getting his paint dirty, and Cartman always hates getting hurt.
    • ThomasandEmilyLover: True. Plus they're both vain and wear red.
  • User:Pikachufreak: What did you have for Kenny?
    • SuperMalechi: I had Oliver for Kenny because they both are friends with Duck and Kyle. I also had Duck for Kyle and Thomas for Stan in this parody. I had Percy for Butters because they're both young.
      • ThomasandGordon: I prefer Henry as Kenny because they both have alot of accidents.

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