Gordon tells Emily about what happened to his picture of him with Percy's buffers. Thanks to BarneyBJShawnandDerekFan for making Gordon's crying face.

The Cast:

  • Gordon as Cartman
  • Emily as Mrs. Cartman

Transcript (made by BiggestThomasDuckGordonandDennisFan)

  • Gordon: (looking cross) Silly little engine! He's gonna show everyone that picture. From only twelve hours from now. That's it! I don't have a choice! I'm gonna have to bring Emily in on this one! I'm just... going to have to tell her the truth. (grabs his funnel with his buffers and starts twisting it, until it hurts) Ow, OW, OOOOOOOOWWW!!
  • (cut to Emily shunting frieght cars. Gordon puffs in, crying and puts his head against a frieght car)
  • Emily: Gordon. What's the, what's the matter? (puffs to consule the big blue engine)
  • Gordon: I, don't, wanna go to the docks tomarrow.
  • Emily: Honey, shhh. Tell me what happened.
  • Gordon: Duuuck, has a, picture of me, and, he's gonna show everyone during show and tell, and, everyone's gonna laugh at meeee.
  • Emily: Oh, now why would he do that?
  • Gordon: Because, he's jealous of how much smarter I am than him. So, he's gonna show everyone the picturrrre.
  • Emily: What is the picture of, Gordon? (Gordon stops crying)
  • Gordon: Last time, when Percy spent the night, I was being really nice to him and I was... gonna take a picture of him for Elizabeth to have.
  • Emily: Oh, that's nice.
  • Gordon: But then, right when I took the picture, Percy got really hot, so he is filled with water, and then I tripped, and, derailed, and my bufferbeams landed right on his buffers, and, then I thought of something funny, so I smiled up at, the camera and gave like a, weesh, and, and then Duck took the picture from me, and he's gonna show it to everybody, and make them think I'm stupiiiiiiiid. (cries again)
  • Emily: Oh, there there, honey. It'll be okay. These things happen.
  • Gordon: (looks at her and sobs) But, Emily, I've been trying to get the picture back, but he won't give it to meee. (turns to her and cries into her bufferbeams)
  • Emily: It's okay, Gordon. I'll have a talk with Daisy.
  • Gordon: You, you will?

My Comments

  • GordonandEricCartmanFan: Gordon makes a perfect Eric.
  • BarneyBJShawnandDerekFan: Great Parody! I'm glad I could help.
  • GordonandEricCartmanFan: What program you used to make Gordon's crying face?

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