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James is forced to have the V-Chips attatched to his tender.

The cast

  • James=Eric Cartman
  • Thomas=Randy Marsh
  • Caroline=Shelia Broflovski
  • Daisy=Liane Cartman
  • Bear (from The RWS)=Dr. Vosknocker


Caroline: Okay, everyone, settle down. As we continue to send troops into Dean Forest, M.A.C. is also fighting the war against potty-mouths here at home. Here to present the V-chip is Bear The Diesel Engine [Dr. Vosknocker].
Bear: [clears his throat and activates the projector] The machinery of the V-chip is very simple. It is placed under the teenager's [the child]'s skin, where it emits a small shock of electricity whenever an obscenity is uttered. [slides of the procedure are shown]
Thomas: Now uh, wait a minute. This chip somehow knows that the teenager [the child] is swearing?
Bear: It's just like a lie detector. You see, certain things happen to you when you swear, just like when you lie. The chip picks up on this, and gives the subject a little prick. [the red tender engine on the slide is shocked and his insides can be seen] Patient B-5, would you step out here, please? [James enters dressed in a white robe on his funnel and shower cap on his tender] Patient B-5 here has been fitted with the new V-chip.
James: Ow, my tender [head] hurts.
Bear: [to James] Don't worry about that. [brings out some flash cards and shows him the first one] Now, I want you to say, "Doggy."
James: Doggy.
Bear: [to the other engines] Notice that nothing happens. [to James] Now say, "Montana."
James: Montana.
Bear: Good! Now, "Pillow."
James: Pillow.
Bear: All right! Now, I want you to say, "Horse-fucker." [James is unsure and looks to Daisy, his girlfriend.]
Daisy: Go ahead, James (Eric). It's all right.
James: Horse-fucker-aaagh! [bzzzt] Ow! [the engines gasp] That hurt, God dammit-aaagh! [bzzzt] Ow! Fuck-aaagh! [bzzzt] Hey!
Bear: Now I'd like you to say, "Big floppy donkey dick."
James: Nno!
Bear: Success! The teenager [child] doesn't want to swear! [the engines cheer]
James: This isn't fair, you sons of bitches-aaagh! [bzzzt] Ow! God damnit-aaagh [bzzzt. Pretty soon he's swearing a stream and runs out of view due to the resulting shocks]
Caroline: We will start putting V-chips in all our friends [children] next week! [the engines cheer wildly]

My Comments

  • ThomasandDuckFan: James does a great Eric, because they're both vain.
  • ThomasandFriendsRingoStarrAlecBaldwinandMichaelBrandon: Thanks.
  • ThomasandOliverFan: Caroline does a perfect Shelia, because they're both angry.
  • MarioandLuigi238: Also, Daisy does a great Liane, because they're both vain, like James and Eric.
  • ThomasandFriendsRingoStarr: Thomas works perfect for Randy.

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