• Thomas as Spirit (Thomas and Spirit are both the main stars of the series)
  • Gordon as Little Creek
  • D261 as The Colonel
  • Spencer as Sgt Adams
  • Murdoch as Murphy
  • Molly as Soldier
  • Arthur as Bill
  • Fergus as Joe
  • Hiro as Pete
  • Cranky as Jake
  • Flora as Roy
  • Hiro as Little Creek's Friend
  • Duncan as Little Creek's Friend
  • Oliver as Train Pull
  • Mavis as Daughter
  • George as Train
  • BoCo as Railroad
  • Freight Cars as The Horse
  • Troublesame Trucks as The Soldiers
  • Diesel 10 as The Foreman
  • Diesel as Foreman
  • Calling All Engines as The Fire
  • Diesel Of Sodor as The Water
  • Diesels of Sodor as The Trees
  • Diesels Engines as The Rocks
  • Diesel Engines as The Night
  • The Bad Diesels as The Sun
  • Bad Diesels as The Grass
  • Bad Diesels as The Gate
  • Bad Diesels The as The House
  • Diesels Bad as The Snow
  • Colin as Eagle
  • BoCo as The Book
  • Belle as The Mountain
  • Emily as Pull
  • Rusty as Pull Train
  • Duncan as Horse
  • Daisy as The Train

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