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James as Anakin Skywalker

Rosie as Ahsoka Tano

Edward as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Sir Handle as Captain Rex

Duncan as Comander Cody

Toby as Plo Koon

Thomas as R2-D2

Percy as C-3PO

Mavis as Luminara Unduli

Isobella as Barriss Offee

Emily as Padme'

Oliver as Jar Jar

Henry as Kit Fisto

Elizabeth as Aayla Secura

Sir Topham Hatt as Yoda

Gordon as Mace Windu

Duck as Ki Adi Mundi

Molly as Jocasta Nu

Freddie as Comander Wolffe

Peter Sam as Commander Gree

Rusty as Commander Ponds

Rheneas as Commander Bly

Emily(From Theodore Tugboat) as Shaak Ti

Bertie as Eeth Koth

Hiro as Tera Sinube

Finn McMissile(From Cars 2) as Quinlain Vos

Fergus as Even Piell

Holly Siftwell(From Cars 2) as Adi Gallia

Spencer as Saesee Tiin

Constance(From Theodore Tugboat) as Satine

Foduck(From Theodore Tugbot) as Bail Organa

Dasiy as Mon Mothma

Victor as Wulf Yuaren

Skarloey as ARC Fives

Donald & Douglas as Kilian

Oliver(From Theodore Tugboat) as Tarkin

Pugwash(From Theodore Tugboat) as R4-P17

Ferdinand as Chewbacca

Luke as 'Clone Comando' Gregor

Theodore(From Theodore Tugboat) as Meebur Gascon

Winston as WAC 47

Millie as QT-KT

Stephen as U9-C4

Sidney as M5-BZ[Not Paxton becuase hes too nice to meet his end... Nothing against Sidney]

Troublesome Trucks as Battle Droids

Diesel 10 as Grievous

Diesel as Dooku

Icy(From Winx Club) as Ventress

Jesie(From Pokemon) as Aurra Sing

George as Boba Fett

Professor Zundapp(From Cars 2) as Poggle

Miles Axlerod(From Cars 2) as Gunray

Smudger as Tactical Droids

Marvin the Martion(From Looney Tunes) as Cad Bane

Grievous(From Star Wars The Clone Wars) as Savage Opress

Pual(From Pokemon) as Pong Krell [Becuase they both lack commpasion]

Myotismon(From Digimon) as Darth Maul

Discord(From My Little Pony-Friendship Is Magic) as Palpatine/Sidious

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