Oliver as Anakin Skywalker voiced by Matt Lanter

Emily as Ahsoka Tano voiced by Ashley Eckstein

Thomas as Obi-Wan Kenobi and 4A-7 as himself voiced by James Arnold Taylor

Defiant as Yoda and Admiral Yularen as himself voiced by Tom Kane and Tom Kane is the Narrator

Captain Rex and Commander Cody as themselves voiced Dee Bradley Baker

Spencer as Count Dooku voiced by Christopher Lee

Flying Scotsman as Mace Windu Voiced By Samuel L. Jackson

Princess Elizabeth as Asajj Ventress voiced by Catherine Taber

Toby as C-3PO voiced by Anthony Daniels

Pendennis Castle as Chancellor Palpatine voiced by Ian Abercrombie Palpatine

Percy as R2D2 voiced by Kenny Baker

Molly as Padme voiced by Nika Futterman

Arry/Bert and the Trucks as Battle Droids voiced by David Acord

Rotta the Huttlet Kevin Michael Richardson Jabba the Hutt as themselves voiced by David Acord

Clone Troopers TC-70 as themselves

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