Cast 1

Thomas as Steady Eddie

Henry as Jock

Emily as Lorretta

Duncan as Oliver

Percy as Rick

James as Freddie

Edward as Edward

Cast 2

  • Gordon as Steady Eddie (Gordon and Eddie are Both Big and Strong)
  • Spencer as Jock the Tartan Tanker
  • Emily as Lorretta Lorry
  • Diesel as Oliver Overdrive
  • Thomas as Rick Van Rental (Thomas and Rick are Both Small and Blue)
  • Ben as Freddie Forklift
  • Toby as Edward
  • James as The Train
  • Hank as Royal Van
  • Lorries 1 2 and 3 as Minis
  • Rosie as Freda (Rosie and Freda are Both Pink)
  • Troublesome Trucks as Motorbikes

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