Thomas/Street Fighter is a parody with Street Fighter sound and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends clips


  • Thomas as Ryu
  • Percy as Ken
  • Emily as Chun Li
  • Edward as Guile
  • Henry as E. Honda
  • Gordon as Zangief
  • Toby as Dhalsim
  • Hector as Seth
  • James as Fei Long
  • Mavis as Elena
  • Neville as Dee Jay
  • Murdoch as T. Hawk
  • Billy as Dan Hibiki
  • Rosie as Sakura
  • Hiro as Gen
  • Daisy as C. Viper
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Barlog JP
  • Diesel as Vega JP
  • D261 as Akuma
  • Spencer as Sagat
  • Molly as Maki
  • Madge as Cammy
  • Diesel 10 as M. Bison JP

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