Super Thomas World (originally known as Super Prince Thomas World) is a Thomas/Super Mario World (Super Nintendo) parody with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Skarloey, Casey Jr the Circus Train and Friends, TUGS, Theodore Tugboat and real life train photos and clips, made by Daniel Pineda (with Jorge Escobar).


  • Thomas (from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) as Mario (Both the main heroes, because Thomas is going to be Flying Scotsman, because Thomas is played by Daniel Pineda (DanielPineda6396))
  • Edward the Blue Engine (from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) as Luigi (Both good friends to Thomas and Mario, because Edward the Blue Engine is Casey Jr, and is played by Jorge Escobar (Junior91773))
  • Percy as Yoshi (Both green and small, because Percy the Small Engine is played by TheHalford)
  • Emily as Princess Peach aka Princess Toadstool (Thomas has a crush on Emily, just like Mario has a crush on Princess Peach aka Princess Toadstool, because Emily is going to be Queen Elizabeth II, because Emily is played by EmilyFan619)
  • Molly as Princess Daisy (Edward has a crush on Molly, just like Luigi has a crush on Princess Daisy, because Molly is Tillie the Little Engine That Could, because Molly is played by lillylivers)
  • Cerberus (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as King Bowser Koopa (Both big, strong, evil, and mean to Thomas and Mario, because he is played by JohnOVision160)
  • Arry and Bert as Roy Koopa and Morton Koopa Jr., both played by trainboy7
  • Daisy as Wendy Koopa, played by Borisfangirl
  • Zip and Zug (from TUGS) as Iggy Koopa and Lemy Koopa, played by missoliverandblossom
  • Smudger as Ludwig Von Koopa, played by Chris Signore
  • Oliver (from Theodore Tugboat) as Larry Koopa, played by Dan5589
  • Microsoft Sam as the Narrator
  • and more


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