Thomas/Super Monkey Ball Adventure Parodies are with Super Monkey Ball Adventure sounds and Thomas the tank Engine clips.


Version 1 (Made by Trainboy43)

  • Skarloey as AiAi
  • Rosie as MeeMee
  • Peter Sam as Baby
  • Sir Handel as GonGon
  • Oliver as Prince AbeABE
  • Lady as Princess DeeDee (Lady and Princess DeeDee are both Beautiful)
  • Sir Topham Hatt as The King
  • Harvey as The Mail Monkey
  • Duke as Papa
  • Flora as Pie-Pie
  • The Troublesome Trucks as The Naysayers (All Troublesome)
  • Fergus as The Guard Monkey
  • Elizabeth as Mermer
  • Terence as Mermer's Husband
  • Spencer as Gargar
  • Trevor as OO
  • Stanley as CC
  • Isobella as Tootoot
  • The Toyland Express (from Babes In Toyland/Casey Junior & Friends) as The Zootopia Train
  • The Diesel as Fat Cat (The Diesel and Fat Cat are both mean)
  • Boco as Mac-Mac
  • Molly as Sumsum
  • Thumper as Ale-Wat
  • Whiff as Si'mian
  • Caroline as Ch'chi (Both begain with C)
  • Hiro as JenJen
  • CGI Skarloey as Jeck-Jeck
  • Butch as Pod'pow
  • Nelson as Bran'ran
  • Murdoch as Ru'fus
  • Jeremy as Captain Si'mian
  • Henry as Flam'lam
  • Alfie as Polo
  • Derek as Duvd'Duv (Both begain with D)
  • Donald as DeeDee's Father
  • Douglas as AbeABE's Father
  • Old Slow Coach as DeeDee's Mother
  • Tillie (from The Little Engine That Could/Casey Junior & Friends) as Child #1
  • Tracy (from The Little Engine That Could "2011 Film") as Child #2
  • Casey Junior (from Dumbo/Casey Junior & Friends) as Child #3
  • Toots (from Porky's Railroad/Casey Junior & Friends) as Child #4
  • Tootle (from Little Golden Book Land/Casey Junior & Friends) as Child #5
  • Daisy as Pad'Kee
  • Edward as Mad'Kee (Both the oldest)
  • Thomas as Older AiAi

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