• Thomas as Samson
  • Percy as Yiskie
  • Toby as Jolksworth
  • Donald and Douglas as Fil and Fol
  • Emily as Princess Loly
  • Edward as Bertie Herms
  • James as Marti-Yogoma
  • Oliver as Clozy
  • Gordon as Donkey Dragon
  • Evil Thomas as Shadow Samson
  • Salty as Sealman
  • Toad the Brakevan as Jolk
  • Bulgy as Walson
  • Hector as Walertie
  • Diesel as Anti-Clozy
  • Duck as Flex
  • Caroline as Bandage Girl
  • Fergus as Meat Boy
  • Henry as Misty Dragon
  • Spencer as Silver-Bonter
  • Bill as Vomitino
  • Ben as Brownie
  • Duncan as Zcrepser Jr.
  • Quorton as Killts
  • The Spiteful Brakevan as Fiq
  • Gator as Jone
  • Cormac as Dr. Fetus
  • Alfred the Loaned B12 AS 789Machi 3000/Ditcher Dagger
  • Molly as Ducky
  • Rosie as Milliey
  • Harjars as Lidkits "Lorpy"
  • Diesel 10 as King Kultan/Zcrepser
  •  Arry and Bert as Lip and Lop
  • Splatter and Dodge as Troy as Quorton
  • Daisy as Lily "Fresie Pie"
  • Dennis as Anti-Bertie
  • Tao as Magicy
  • Loly as Denea
  • Fabian as Matata
  • Manuel as Olie
  • Daniel as Deeteepee

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