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  • Thomas as Mario (Both the main heroes)
  • Edward as Luigi (Both clever and smart)
  • Percy as Yoshi (Both green and young)
  • Emily as Princess Peach (Both the main females)
  • Diesel as Bowser (Both the main villains)
  • James as Wario (Both vain)
  • Gordon as Donkey Kong (Both strong)
  • Little Toot as Diddy Kong
  • Ten Cents as Link (Both the main heroes)
  • Lillie Lightship as Zelda (Both the main females)
  • Sally Seaplane as Samus
  • Evil Emily as Zero Suit Samus
  • Molly as Jigglypuff
  • Zorran as Ganondorf (Both the main villains)
  • Sunshine as Toon Link (both young)
  • Johnny as Kirby
  • Pete as King Dedede
  • Huey as Fox
  • Top Hat as Falco
  • Spencer as Wolf
  • Skarloey as Pikachu
  • Smudger as Lucario
  • Andrew Smith as Captain Falcon
  • Lewis Brown as Ness
  • Euan Ivey as Lucas
  • Georgia, Tracy, and Emma as Ice Climbers
  • Zug as Marth
  • Zip as Ike
  • Farnsworth as Mr. Game & Watch
  • Zebedee as Meta Knight
  • Theodore as Pit
  • Hank (Theodore) as Olimar
  • Oliver as R.O.B.
  • Hercules as Snake
  • Warrior as Pokemon Trainer
  • Big Mac as Sonic
  • Johnny Cuba as Master Hand
  • Oliver (Theodore) as Crazy Hand
  • Grampus as Rayman (Cameo)
  • Diesel 10 as Tabuu
  • Version 1
  • Thomas as Mario
  • Oliver as Luigi
  • Emily as Priencess Peach
  • Diesel 10 as Bowser
  • Gordon as Donkey Kong
  • James as Diddy Kong
  • Percy as Yoshi
  • Duck as Wario
  • Boco as Link
  • Lady as Zelda
  • Diesel as Ganondorf
  • Sir Handel as Toon Link (Toon Link is a Boy)
  • Daisy as Samus
  • Duck as Pit 
  • Bill & Ben as Ice Climbers
  • Stephny as R.O.B
  • Peter Sam as Kirby
  • Bulgy as Meta Knight
  • Henry as King Dedede
  • Luke as Olimar
  • Toby as Fox
  • Edward as Falco (Both Blue)
  • Spencer as Wolf
  • Sir Handel as Captain Falcon
  • Jack as Pikachu
  • Smudger as Lucario
  • Rosie as Jigglypuff
  • Donald/Douglas as Pokemon Trainer
  • Rheneas as Ness
  • Skarloey as Lucas
  • Donald as Marth
  • Douglas as Ike
  • Edward as Sonic (Both Blue)
  • Spencer as Snake
  • Neville as Mr. Game and Wacth
  • Diesel 10 as Tabuu
  • Splatter as Master Hand
  • Dogde as Crazy Hand
  • Derek as Raquazza (Both Green)
  • D261 as Porky Staute
  • and many more

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