Thomas/Surf`s Up is a parody to a sequel parody Thomas/Open Season with Surf`s Up sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends clips


  • Percy as Cody Maverick
  • Henry as Geek/Big Z
  • Emily as Lani Aliikai
  • Thomas As Chicken Joe
  • Smudger as Reggie
  • Diesel as Tank
  • James as Mikey Abromowitz
  • Isabel and Dulcie as Kelly
  • Rocky as Rob
  • Spongebob from (Spongebob Squarepants) as The Narrator
  • Salty as SPEN Announcer
  • Arthur as Filmmaker
  • Red Coaches as Filmmaker
  • Bear as Glen Maverick
  • Daisy as Edna Maverick
  • A Rickety Troublesome Truck as Arnold
  • Rosie as Kate
  • OJ(From TUGS) As Smudge
  • Sea Rogue(from TUGS) As Ivan,Glen`s Brother and Others
  • Bennett and Co,Sally Seaplane(from TUGS),Carla(from Theodore Tugboat),Fire Tug(from TUGS),Vienna(from TUGS),Bill/Ben,Zug/Zip(from TUGS),Isabel(from Theodore Tugboat),Puffa(from TUGS),Coast Guard`s Messenger(from TUGS),Rebbeca(from Theodore Tugboat),Derek,Grampus(from TUGS),Budgie(from Budgie the Little Helicopter),Miss Whoops(from The Mr Men Show),Captain Star(from TUGS),Mavis,Molly,Coast Guard(from TUGS) and Johnny Cuba(from TUGS) As Additional Voices

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