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  • Thomas as Rusty Wildwood
  • Lady as Hollie Wildwood
  • Emily as Ginger Wildwood
  • Gordon as Herb Wildwood
  • Elizebeth As Flora Wildwood
  • Spencer as Smokey Wildwood
  • Fergus as Barkley Wildwood
  • Rosie as Juniper Wildwood
  • Percy as Lester Thistleton
  • James as Chester Thistleton
  • Billy as Buster Slydale
  • Molly as Velvette Slydale
  • Henry as Slick Slydale
  • Flora as Scarlett Slydale
  • Toad as Skitter Slydale
  • Rosie as Willow Thistleton
  • Henrietta as Lindy Slydale
  • Skarloey as Sandy Babblebrook
  • Oliver as Grover Chestnut
  • Duck as Derwood Chestnut
  • Geogina From Little Engine That Could as Pansy Chestnut
  • Tillie From Little Engine That Could as Myrtle Chestnut
  • Rheneas as Hoss Chestnut
  • Annie as Charity Chestnut
  • Toby as Rocky Babblebrook
  • Harvey as Bubba Babblebrook
  • Sir Handel as Cliff Babblebrook
  • Mavis as Crystal Babblebrook
  • Arthur as Preston Evergreen
  • Madge as Ashley Evergreen
  • Murdoch as Forrest Evergreen
  • Clarabel as Honeyshuckle Evergreen
  • Peter Sam as Dusty Evergreen
  • Koko From Chuggington as Poppy Evergreen
  • Stepney As Bud Timbertop
  • Caroline as Daisy Timbertop
  • Daisy as Rose Timbertop
  • Boco as Taylor Timbertop
  • Rusty as Burl Timbertop
  • Zephie From Chuggington as Blossom Timbertop
  • Harrison From Chuggington as Ernest Evergreen
  • Dunber From Chuggington as Cliff Babblebrook
  • Calley From Chuggington as Pearl Babblebrook
  • Olwin From Chuggington as Primrose Evergreen
  • Benny From Bob The Builder as Fern Timbertop
  • Salty as Gruff Timbertop
  • Sumsy From Bob The Builder as Prissy Thistleton
  • Emery From Chuggington as Roger Waters
  • Muck From Bob The Builder as Misty Waters
  • Derek As Wade Waters
  • Lofty From Bob The Builder as Nancy Waters
  • Edward as Bucky Waters
  • Trix From Bob The Builder as Bubbles Waters
  • Duncan as Frog
  • Bertram as Barry Thistleton
  • Isobella as Heather Thistleton
  • Stanley as Mr Woodkeeper
  • Duke as Squirell
  • Diesel as Packbat
  • Diesel 10 as Gatorpossum
  • Arry/Bert As Caterpiller
  • Splatter as Broken Armed Owl
  • Dodge as Owl
  • Donald, Douglas, Bill, Ben and Smudger as Fishies
  • Engines and Road Vehicles as Everybody Else

Special Guest From Mr Men

  • Little Miss Trouble as Grace
  • Little Miss Sunshine as Bridget
  • Mr Small as Donny
  • Mr Sneeze as Jonathen
  • Little Miss Helpful as Katie
  • Mr Happy as Joey
  • Mr Quiet as Jack
  • Little Miss Tiny as Lisa
  • Mr Tickle as Charlie
  • Little Miss Shy as Jessica
  • Little Miss Neat as Maria
  • Little Miss Fickle as Penny
  • Little Miss Bossy as Chrissie
  • Mr Silly as Robby
  • Little Miss Curious as Sara
  • Mr Strong as Sid
  • Mr Bump as Jamie
  • Little Miss Naughty as Tracy
  • Little Miss Tidy as Diane (Di)
  • Little Miss Scary as Lori
  • Mr Funny as Evan
  • Mr Forgetful as Andy
  • Mr Chatterbox as Jerry
  • Little Miss Chatterbox as Susen
  • Little Miss Countrary as Amelia
  • Mr Mischief as Mikey
  • Little Miss Giggles as Debra

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