• Narrator: It was a beginning of a story. This is a tale of Emily The Emerald Engine. Once, there were TUFF Engine Agents who always be secret agents. A Blue Tank Engine named Thomas tries to make someone in love. The next morning, she came.

(Fade to the nighttime scrap yards, Arry and Bert appeared to find a engine. There was Emily chuffing with her friends; Duncan, Buster and Rosie. Cut back to Arry and Bert.)

  • Arry/Ollie: So, Bert. they're the ones the we've been looking for.
  • Bert/Francisco: Wow. They're heroes, remember.
  • Arry/Ollie: They're certainly are.
  • Emily/Kitty Katswell: Faster, my friends. Faster! Buster, Speak.
  • Buster/Buttons: Thank you, Emily!
  • Emily/Kitty Katswell: And you, Duncan. Be happy and cheerful.
  • Duncan/Eddie: Yes! Yaaayhoo!
  • Emily/Kitty Katswell: Oh, Rosie. You can felt better.
  • Rosie/Peepers: (sighs) Alright.

(Arry and Bert were peeking behind the trucks)

  • Arry/Ollie: Oh, my. She'll be mine forever, right always.
  • Bert/Francisco: But, you see... Emily hates you. She'll been joining you forever.
  • Arry/Ollie: I think we brought the rope!

(They quickly shunted the trucks. Emily gasped in surprise as Arry shunted her.)

  • Emily/Kitty Katswell: Let me go! Do you hear me?! Let me GO!
  • Arry/Ollie: Get the steamroller! The Narrow Gagged Engine, too! The Pink Engine! You know, grab the pink engine!
  • Bert/Francisco: How, there's too many of 'em!
  • Arry/Ollie: Stop doing anything wrong! DO IT! (to Emily who really wants to get off of his grasp) Agent Emerald Engine, you may not trust and believe me. But this, is the luckiest day... of your LIFE!

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