• Stanley as Ten Cents
  • Thomas as Sunshine
  • Donald as Big Mac
  • Boco as OJ
  • Sixteen as Top Hat
  • Douglas as Warrior
  • Edward as Hercules
  • STH as Captain Star
  • Diesel as Zorran (Yes Stick with Diesel as Zorran)
  • Boco as Zebedee
  • Rusty as Zak
  • Duncan as Zug
  • Smudger as Zip
  • Gordon as Captain Zero
  • Percy as Grampus
  • Derek as Lzzy Gomez
  • Lady as Lillie Lightship
  • Stepney as Sea Rouge
  • Hiro as Sea Rouge's Uncle
  • The Angry Policeman as Bluenose
  • James as Fire Tug
  • Duck as Boomer
  • Bertie as Billy Shoepack
  • Bill as Burke
  • Ben as Blair
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Green Eyed Pirates
  • Scrap Engines as The White Fleet
  • Rocky as Big Mickey
  • Harvey as Little Dicther
  • Henry as Mighty Moe
  • Kevin as ScuttleButt Pete
  • Kelly as Jack the Grappler (Nelson can't be Jack the Grappler, Jack the Grappler has a claw, Nelson does not)
  • Toby as Lord Stinker
  • Spattler as Frank
  • Dodge as Eddie
  • Molly as Pearl
  • Rosie as Sally Seaplane
  • Emily as Puffa (I know Emily is female)
  • Wilbert as The Goods Engine
  • Scruffey as Bell Buoy
  • Hector as Smelter
  • Harold as The Coast Guard
  • Diesel 10 as Johnny Cuba (Daisy can't be Johnny Cuba, Daisy is female, Johnny Cuba is male)
  • Diesel 1939 (made up diesel) as Nantucket
  • Terence as The Coast Guard's Messenger
  • Mr. Slow (from Mr. Men) as Old Rusty
  • Isobella as The Duchess
  • City of Truro as The Princess Alice (I know City of Truro is male)
  • and more

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