Each Cast for A Parody isn't almost just the same. But Mostly Like is Thomas as Doraemon. Heres a List.


  • Doraemon (from Doraemon) - Thomas/James/Edward/Percy/Scruff
  • Brock (from Pokemon) - Butch/Neville/Toby/Gordon/Murdoch/Henry/BoCo/Spencer/James/Duncan/Sir Handel/Edward
  • Daizyujin (from Zyuranger) - Murdoch/BoCo/Gordon/Edward/Thomas/Percy/Skarloey/Bertram/Duke/Hank/Hiro/Henry/Sir Handel/James/Duck/Oliver/Butch/Byron/Flying Scotsman (Spencer can't be Daizyujin; Spencer is a antagonist and Daizyujin is a protagonist)
  • Dairenoh (from Dairanger) - Neville/Flying Scotsman/Butch/Hank/Henry/Gordon/BoCo/Duke/Derek/Sir Handel/Duncan
  • Muteki Shogun (from Kakuranger) - Hiro/Toby/BoCo/Duke/Edward/Thomas/Gordon/Henry/Murdoch/Bertram
  • Machinedramon (from Digimon) - D261/Diesel/Diesel 10/The Foreign Engine (from RWS)/Spencer/Old Stuck Up (from RWS)/Spamcan (from RWS)
  • Nohara Hiroshi (from Crayon Shin-chan) - Hiro/Henry/Edward/Toby/Duke/Peter Sam/Sir Handel/Gordon
  • Misty (from Pokemon)- Mavis/Caroline/Flora/Rosie/Molly/Emily
  • Optimus Prime (from Transformers)- Hank/BoCo/Murdoch/Mallard/Flying Scotsman/Gordon/Henry/Thomas/Duck/Oliver
  • Megatron (from Transformers)- Diesel 10/Spencer/Mallard/Diesel/Smudger

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