• Thomas as Tarzan
  • Emily as Jane
  • James as Terk
  • Molly as Kala
  • Diesel as Clayton
  • Gordon as Kerchak
  • Henry as Tantor
  • Percy as Young Tarzan
  • Peter Sam as Baby Tarzan
  • Toby as Professer Archimedes Q. Porter
  • Daisy as Mama Gunda
  • D261 as Zugor
  • George as Uto
  • Smudger as Kago
  • The Chinese Dragon as Sabor
  • Derek, Arry, Bert, Splatter & Dodge as Clayton's Sailors
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Baboons
  • James & Derek as Flynt & Mungo
  • Freight Cars as Leopard People
  • Den/Dart as Tublat
  • Elizabeth as Queen La
  • Donald/Douglas as Evil Bert
  • Murdoch as Tarzan's Father
  • Flora as Tarzan's Mother
  • Bash and Dash as The Rhinoceros and The Bird
  • Duck as Young Tantor

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