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  • Thomas as Tarzan (Thomas and Tarzan are both the main stars, beginning with the letter 'T')
  • Molly as Jane Porter (Molly and Jane are both girlfriends to Thomas and Tarzan)
  • Emily as Kala (Emily and Kala are both looking after Skarloey, Baby Tarzan, Percy, Young Tarzan, Thomas, and Adult Tarzan)
  • Skarloey as Baby Tarzan (Skarloey and Baby Tarzan are both little babies)
  • Percy as Young Tarzan (Percy and Tarzan are both young)
  • Edward as Professor Archimedes Q. Porter (Edward and Professor Archimedes Q. Porter are both old and wise)
  • James as Tantor (James and Tantor are both red and vain)
  • Mavis as Terk (Mavis and Terk are both black)
  • Diesel as Clayton (Diesel and Clayton are both Thomas's true and main antagonists)
  • Daisy as Mama Gunda
  • Toby as Zugor
  • Arry as Uto
  • Bert as Kago
  • Diesel 10 as Sabor
  • The Troublesome Trucks as The Sailors and The Piranhas
  • NG Coaches as The Baboons
  • Casey Jr and his friends as The Rhinoceros and The Bird
  • The Express Coaches as the Lepord People
  • Horrid Lorries as Professor Philanter Bo and Scox Soft Sided as Lorries The Soldiers
  • Neville as Teddy Roosevelt
  • George as Tublat
  • Lady Hatt as La

Steamies/Diesels/Other Engines as Other Animals and Other Characters

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