Thomas as Spot

Percy as Leonard

Emily as Mary Lou

Gordon as Scott Manly

Diesel as Dr. Ivan

Simba (from The Lion King) as Mr. Jolly

Zazu (from The Lion King) as Pretty Boy

Diesel 10 as Dennis

Judge Judy the Diesel as Adele

Smudger as Principal Crosby Stickler

BoCo as Ian

Daisy as Mrs. Boogin

Oliver as Barry Anger

Rosie as The Blue Fairy

Lady Hatt as Marsha

Diesel 19 as John

Lady as Leslie Dunkling

Christie (from The Weekenders) as Younghee

Trevor as Trevor

Bertram as Taylor

Duke as Tyler

Hiro as Father

Isobella as Little Girl

Arry/Bert as Officer White

Splatter/Dodge as Conductor

Elizabeth as Beefeater

Hank as Daddy

Freight Cars as Train

Troublesame Trucks as Trees

Sodor Airport Planes as Soldiers

Harvey as Skeleton

Salty as Map Earth

Jack as Halloween

Kelly as Telephone

Nelson as Keep Out

Ned as Go Avay

George as Go

Bulgy as Avay

Butch as Keep

Bertie as Out

Trucks as Police Car

Diesels of Sodor as Car

Diesel Of Sodor as Truck

The Iron as Camera

Iron as Van

James as The House

Edward as House

Troublesame as Coaches

The Tram as The Van Truck

Tram as The Truck Van

The Tractor as The Moon

Tractor as Moon

Bill as The Rain

Ben as Rain

Donald as The Hotel

Douglas as Hotel

Bash as The Door

Dash as Door

Den as The Paper

Dart as Paper

Spencer as The Mummy

Murdoch as Mummy

Dennis as The Bee

Neville as Bee

Whiff as The Engine

Billy as Engine

Sir Handel as The Sun

Peter Sam as Sun

Skarloey as The Tv

Rheneas as Tv

Derek as The Tv Movie

D261 as Tv Movie

Bulstrode as The Park

Rocky as Park

Tiger Moth as The Movie

Madge as Movie

Lorry as The D

Terence as D

Horrid as The Monster

Lorrys as Monster

Lorries as Monster The

Horrid Lorry as Rocks

Horrid Lorries as The Ghost

The Horrid Lorry as Ghost

The Horrid Lorries as Ghost The

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