Version 1 (made by Elias. Please do not edit, add, or delete!)

Original version

  • Thomas as Chuck
  • Percy as Boomer
  • James as Handy
  • Edward as Soku
  • Toby as Digger
  • Emily as Chassie
  • Gordon as Rowdy
  • Henry as Biggs
  • Mavis as Hauilie
  • BoCo as Porter
  • Duck as Rally

Current version

  • Thomas as Chuck
  • Henry as Boomer (both are shy)
  • Oliver as Handy
  • James as Soku
  • Charlie as Digger
  • Rosie as Chassie (Makes sense for how I ship Thomas with Rosie and Chuck with Chassie; both have names that end with E)
  • Percy as Rowdy (both are green and have names that end with Y)
  • Duck as Biggs
  • Emily as Haulie
  • Edward as Porter (both are blue)
  • Gordon as Rally (both are blue)
  • and more