Thomas as Robbie/Dee Bradley Baker

Gordon as Dangermouse/David Jason

Percy as Penfold/Terry Scott

Toad as Buggles/Rik Mayall

Edward as Rupert/Julie Lemieux

Emily as Tiger Lily/Stephanie Morgenstern

James as Marlon/Mike McShane

Donald/Douglas as Fantomcat/Robert Powell

Molly as Tabs/Lorelei King

Oliver as MacDuff/Rob Rackstraw

Duck as Lindbergh/Jimmy Hibbert

Toby as Kenneth/Tom Courteney

Bill/Ben as Pikachu/Ikue Ootani

Harold as Pidgeotto/Megumi Hayashibara

Daisy as Ransome/Whoopi Goldberg

Mavis as Sims/Joanna Lumley

Rosie as Jeffries/Jane Horrocks

Skarloey as Veemon/Derek Stephen Prince

Peter Sam as Hawkmon/Neil Kaplan

Stephey as Armadillomon/Robert Axelford

Lady as Margalo/Melanie Griffith

Henry as Gaomon/Skip Stellrecht

(Ten Cents from TUGS) as Bolt/John Travolta

Arthur as Soren

Diesel as Keef/Andrew Sachs

George as Kaff/Kate Sachs

Diesel 10 as Dr Izzy/Falcon/Baron Greenback/Billy Blizzard/King Voracious

Arry and Bert as Fox Brothers

The Gremlin as Ginger

Murdoch as Windor

Billy as Dodge/Ben Small

(Lillie Lightship from TUGS) as Sheeba/Ronni Ancona

(Sunshine) from TUGS) as Bingo/Adam Longworth

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