Thomas as Timmy the Tooth

James as Brushbrush

Percy as Bubbles Gum

Oliver as Annette

Mavis as Waxie

George as Sidney Cyclops

Molly as Ms. Flossie

Bill as Johnny Paste

Ben as Mr. Wisdom

Rosie as Sherry the Fairy

Gordon as Mumfred the Mummy

Diesel as Gil the Grouper

Diesel 10 as Sunny the Sun

Oliver as Leggs O Many

Henry as The Cavity Goon

Duck as The Gingivits Gang

Emily as Nicki & Lrene

The Diesel as Emmett

Derek as Plane

Diesel of Sodor as Pirates

Diesel Engine as House

Horrid Lorry as Flowers

Lorries as Boat

Horrid as Sailboat

Lorry as Captain

Horrid Lorries as Pirates Ship

Butch as The Pirates

Fire Truck as Airplane

Fire Man as Lightning

Fire Engine as Pirates Boat

Fire as Singing

Engine as Drivering Airplane

Fire Station as Grass

Station Fire as Driving Plane

Steamies and Diesels as Write

Diesels and Steamies as Plane Airplane

Train Station as Airplane Plane

Station Train as The Plane

Calling All Engine as The Airplane

Engines All Calling as Plane The

Station as Airplane The

Sheds as The Airplane Plane

Train Sheds as The Plane Airplane

Train Shed as Airplane Plane The

Sheds Train as Plane Airplane The

The Train Shed as Plane Drivering

The Trains Sheds as Airplane Drivering

Train Shed The as The Plane Drivering

Trains Sheds The as The Plane Drivering

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