• Thomas as Alvin
  • James as Simon
  • Percy as Theodore
  • Gordon as Dave Seville
  • Henry as Clyde Crashcup
  • Edward as Leonardo
  • Salty as Sam Valiant
  • Henrietta as Mrs. Frumpington
  • Bertie as Stanley the Eagle
  • Bill and Ben as Police
  • Oliver as Bentley Van Rolls III
  • Murdoch as Reese
  • Ashima as Darace
  • Madge as Ostrich
  • Toby as Buffalo Bill
  • Emily as Daisy Belle
  • Belle as Miss Fancy
  • Toad as Alexander
  • BoCo as Neighbor
  • Duck as Chuck Wagon
  • Diesel 10 as Sam Merlin
  • Arthur as J.P. Lester

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